Help Make A Difference at Edison Elementary!

Edison Elementary School’s fifth annual Read-a-thon will take place Wednesday, October 4 through Friday, October 20, 2017. 

During this two-week event, students focus on reading while raising money for important PTA-sponsored programs.

Your donations help make our school great!

How Does It Work? · Reading Tips · Sponsorship Tips 

To pay with a major credit card, after you click Donate above, select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" on the next screen.

Note: If you have trouble accessing the payment buttons, try loading the page on a computer rather than a mobile device such as a phone.

After you complete your online donation, you will receive a "Receipt for Your Payment to Edison School PTA" by email.  Please forward a copy of the email receipt to the designated student's family so that the student can record your donation in his or her Read-a-thon Logbook. Thank you.

How the Read-a-thon works

Read-a-thon Kick-Off

On Wednesday, October 4, Edison will kick-off the Read-a-thon with a full school assembly featuring two local authors - Maria VanLieshout for the K-2 graders, and Kate Schatz for the 3-5 graders.

After the assembly, all students will receive their Read-a-thon packet — an envelope containing instructions, tips for asking for donations, a reading and donation log board and a rainbow crayon pen to help with logging hours.

Set a Daily Reading Goal

Students set a daily reading goal for the two-week period. All time spent reading outside of school. No in-school reading should be recorded. All reading outside of school counts, whether your child is reading or being read to.

Secure Sponsors

Students share their reading goal with family, friends, and neighbors and ask for a flat donation to support their efforts! Each student should try to raise at least $50 or ask 10 people for donations. Students record all donations whether check, cash, or an online donation in their reading and donation logs. Checks should be made payable to Edison PTA.

It's really easy for donors to make online donations by credit card or Paypal using the form at the top of this page.

Track Reading Time

Read! Read! Read! Students mark off how many minutes they read each day in increments on their reading board. Parents and guardians may help students with this task.

Thank You Edison Students

Reading and fundraising is hard work! To thank our students, the reading log board has several incentives the students can reach along the way as they read more and more. If students raise at least $150, they will receive a Books Inc. Gift Certificate.

The top 3 readers (most minutes read) in each class will earn an Emoji Sport Sack and the top fundraiser in each grade will receive an Emoji Chia Pet! 

Turn in Log and Donations

Students need to bring their Read-a-thon envelopes containing their completed log board AND donations to their teachers on Friday, October 20. Logs and donations must be returned to their teacher no later than Monday, October 23rd or entry may not be considered for prizes.

Reading Tips and Strategies

Recommended Times

To make setting a daily reading goal easier, listed below are some sample times for each grade.

Please work with your child to set a daily reading goal that is a bit challenging, yet attainable given his or her reading level and ability. If you have questions about what is appropriate, please contact your child’s teacher.

Kindergarten 10-20 minutes per day
First Grade
15-25 minutes per day
Second Grade 20-30 minutes per day
Third Grade 25-35 minutes per day
Fourth Grade 30-45 minutes per day
Fifth Grade 30-60 minutes per day

Reading Strategies

Make this challenge fun for the whole family! Take a trip to the library and stock up on books that interest your child. Encourage and praise your child as they participate and engage in reading anything that is appropriate for their reading level.

For children in the lower grades, listening to adults or older siblings read counts as reading time. When reading with your child, ask recall questions about characters or details of the story in order to build his or her reading comprehension skills. Talk about the story and relate it to your child’s everyday life when possible.

For families with students in the upper grades, consider having them read in one room with others who are reading quietly — a family reading night! Or, try reading out loud as a family one night a week while rotating readers. Help strengthen your child’s reading skills by asking questions about his or her reading in terms of comprehension, recall of details, and discussing the book’s theme or ideas.

To parents, family members, and guardians, we encourage you to take the challenge of setting a goal and reading daily as well. Show your child that reading is important in your life too.

When our children see us reading, they learn the value and joy of it. Have fun reading.

Sponsorship Tips and Strategies

Sponsor your child in the Read-a-thon! You could also offer to match your child’s total collected donations or donations up to a certain amount. All donations are tax deductible!

Help your child write a handwritten letter or send an email to family, friends, and your colleagues using the template in your packet or here on the PTA website.

Help your child approach at least 10 family members, friends, or neighbors. Use the talking points found on the outside of Read-a-thon envelope for guidance.

Ask more people for smaller donations of $5, $10, $15, and $20 in cash, check (made out to Edison PTA) or online at this page,

Help your child try to raise at least $50. Students raising $100 or more will receive a troll mini figure, and this year students raising over $200 will receive a troll keychain!

Donation Receipts

Donation receipts are available for any sponsors who would like them. To print copies of the donation receipt to give out to sponsors, click here.

Thank you for supporting and participating in the Edison Read-a-thon!

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