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Edison's Recycling Cart

Edison is very fortunate to have its own recycling cart.  Built and designed in 2009 by the Dads' Club it holds 6 different types of item.   Currently we collect...
  • Clean grocery size plastic bags that are collected by one of our teachers and reused by Alameda Meals on Wheels
  • Batteries that are taken to ACI drop off point on Blanding Avenue.
  • Ink Jet cartridges and old cell phones that are recycled by Planet Green
  • Glue sticks that are recycled using Elmers Glue Crew program.
  • Crayons that will be melted down to make new crayons.
  • Corks that will be taken to a Cork ReHarvest drop off box.
We rely on volunteers to help us empty the recycling cart.  If you are willing to help please let me know at:


Green (Organic) Waste Recycling

Edison is proud to be a pilot school in the first phase of AUSD's program to bring organic waste recycling to all AUSD schools.  We launched our program in September 2009 and now divert approximately half of all lunch waste into a green organic recycling cart.

In the first 8 days we diverted over 230 gallons of green food waste, which will be going to make compost instead of to the landfill.

Edison's Recycling Cart - thank you Dad's Club for building it!

Recycling at Edison's Multicultural Dinner 2009