Garden Program

Sunflowers, sugar snap peas, poppies, leaf lettuce, broccoli, pumpkins…if it grows in the Bay Area, we can grow it in our garden! 

Edison’s organic garden is a hands-on place to apply lessons and have real-life experiences that get kids excited about learning.  Visits to the garden teach absorbing lessons about observation and investigation, life cycles, problem-solving, recycling and teamwork.  Students visit the garden for a new lesson each month, with topics as varied as chickens, intercropping, soil ph level and weather measurements.  Along the way, they plant crops, pull and compost weeds, amend soil, harvest crops and eat and share vegetables and herbs they’ve grown themselves. 

Through the support of many parent volunteers and community organizations, working with teachers and other school staff, we have kept our garden program growing for almost ten years and plan look forward to many more bountiful harvests.

There are lots of ways to volunteer to help with the program.  If you are interested in co-teaching pre-selected lessons to your child’s class, maintaining and improving the garden, or being a member of the garden crew, please contact your child’s teacher or email: