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School Smarts Parent Academy

Edison Elementary is happy to offer this resource to the newest members of our community! Kindergarten families are invited to join us in learning the importance of being engaged in our children's education- what a fantastic way to start the school year!

The School Smarts Parent Academy is a seven‐session course that is designed to foster parent engagement in education and create parent leaders who will promote a quality and complete education that includes the arts in their schools.

Topics that empower parents are covered during the sessions, including understanding the education system, communicating effectively, advocating for a quality education, and how important parent involvement is for children and for schools. The academies and materials are provided in English, and any languages that are spoken in the home. During each session, parents also participate in art activities, which build a sense of community and underscore the importance of a complete education that includes the arts.

Find more information about the School Smarts Parent Academy here!

All sessions will meet from 5:30 - 7:30pm and will include dinner and childcare! 

  • September 11: Learn more about how you can be apart of the School Smarts Parent Academy!
  • September 25: Parent Involvement - A Key Ingredient in Student Success
  • October 2: Preparing for a Lifetime of Learning
  • October 9: Understanding Our Education System
  • October 16: Understanding Our School
  • October 23: Becoming an Effective Communicator
  • October 30: Standing Up for Quality Education
  • November 13: Taking Action/Celebration

Please fill out and return the RSVP slip to your child's teacher to save your family a spot! You can find a copy of the form below!

PTA President,
Aug 29, 2012, 9:36 PM