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Social Media Policy

July 14, 2016

The Edison Elementary PTA has established the following policies for Social Media communication.  The Edison Elementary PTA social media presence is limited at this time to a Facebook Page, called Edison Elementary PTA, Alameda, CA.  

The purpose of the PTA Facebook Page is to:

  • Build Community

  • Increase Awareness

  • Encourage Participation

  • Grow Membership

All content published on the Edison Elementary PTA Facebook page or other social media platforms must be in accordance with the following intended uses:

  • Encouraging membership in the Edison PTA

  • Providing advance notice of Edison PTA and Edison Elementary events and programs

  • Requesting volunteers to assist with Edison PTA activities

  • Encouraging participation in Edison PTA activities, events, and programs

  • Informing Edison families about news, events, programs, or legislation that may affect the school or education

  • Recognizing special achievements or accomplishments of Edison PTA members or staff members

  • Information about work that the PTA has done

  • Advocacy for the well-being and education of all children

  • Encouraging support for Edison PTA legislative initiatives, when appropriate

  • Recognizing Edison PTA partners and supporters, when appropriate

  • Other uses, as approved by the Edison PTA Executive Board and/or principal

Photos and videos may be uploaded periodically to the Edison PTA Facebook Page. It is the policy of Edison PTA to post no photos of any children unless the express permission has been granted by the parent/guardian.  In addition, minors will never be identified by name in comments or tagged in online photos.  Adults over the age of 18 may be identified by name in comments, but should not be tagged.

The PTA Facebook Page will be maintained by people delegated with the task by the PTA Executive Board in accordance with this policy; this may include Edison Elementary staff members.  If a PTA member would like to be considered to be a regular communicator on the PTA Facebook Page, a request must be submitted to and approved by the PTA Executive Board.  All others may submit their communications to the PTA Executive Board for posting to the PTA Facebook Page (

Responsibility for Edison PTA’s social media platforms will transition to the incoming PTA president and communications chair along with other responsibilities. The outgoing and incoming presidents and communications chairs will be responsible for coordinating and executing a seamless transition without substantial delay.

There is also a Facebook Group with the name Edison Otter Pride.  The purpose of the Edison Otter Pride Group is to encourage open discussion between the closed community group of Edison families.  The PTA may share posts from the PTA Facebook Page on the Group, but the main communication direct from the PTA should remain on the PTA Facebook Page.  The Edison Otter Pride Group will be moderated by the same moderators assigned by the PTA Executive Board.  Group members will be encouraged to practice Edison’s Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills when communicating on the Facebook Group, and will be moderated accordingly.

  • TRUSTWORTHINESS – To act in a manner that makes one worthy of trust and confidence

  • TRUTHFULNESS – To be honest about things and feelings with oneself and others

  • ACTIVE LISTENING – To listen with the intention of understanding what the speaker intends to communicate

  • NO PUT-DOWNS – To never use words, actions and/or body language that degrade, humiliate, or dishonor others

  • PERSONAL BEST – To do one’s best given the circumstances and available resources

  • CARING – To feel and show concern for others

  • COMMON SENSE – To use good judgment

  • COOPERATION – To work together toward a common goal or purpose

  • COURAGE – To act according to one’s beliefs despite fear of adverse consequences

  • CREATIVITY – To generate ideas; To create something original or redesign through imaginative skill

  • CURIOSITY – A desire to investigate and seek understanding of one’s world

  • EFFORT – To do your best

  • FLEXIBILITY – To be willing to alter plans when necessary

  • FRIENDSHIP – To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring

  • INITIATIVE – To do something, of one’s own free will, because it needs to be done

  • INTEGRITY – To act according to a sense of what’s right and wrong

  • ORGANIZATION – To plan, arrange, and implement in an orderly way; to keep things orderly and ready to use

  • PATIENCE – To wait calmly for someone or something

  • PERSEVERANCE – To keep at it

  • PRIDE – Satisfaction from doing one’s personal best

  • PROBLEM SOLVING – To create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems

  • RESOURCEFULNESS – To respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways

  • RESPONSIBILITY – To respond when appropriate; to be accountable for one’s actions

  • SENSE OF HUMOR – To laugh and be playful without harming others

While the Edison PTA does not seek to censor posts or limit freedom of speech on its social media platforms, all content must be in compliance with the PTA’s policy and intended uses.  Any content that is deemed to be prohibited or objectionable will be removed by Facebook page administrators. The following uses are prohibited on any Edison PTA media outlet, including social media platforms:

  • Cyber bullying of any kind, including insulting, targeting, embarrassing or excluding any individuals, including but not limited to school board officials, school administrators, teachers, PTA member, students, parents or other individuals,

  • Putting down any individuals, or other organizations/associations,

  • Discrimination of any kind on age, gender, disabilities, race, sexual orientation, etc.

  • Threats of physical or verbal abuse,

  • Inflammatory statements,

  • Allegations against persons, or organizations,

  • Offensive language, including but not limited to ethnic, religious and racial slurs; profanity; sexually explicit language and the like; including acronyms of offensive expressions,

  • Advertising for businesses, except to the extent that such advertising occurs in conjunction with fundraisers and/or recognition of PTA partners and supporters,

  • Furthering an issue or product for personal or professional gain, and

  • Airing grievances with school board officials, school administrators, teachers, PTA member, students or other individuals.

Determination of prohibited use or objectionable content is at the sole discretion of the Edison PTA Facebook administrators.