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Art Docent Duties

Art Docent Duties


Before the lesson: Work with team leader and the teacher to coordinate the lessons to be taught in the classroom.


  • Make sure you discuss the lessons with your classroom teacher prior to the lesson date. Teachers like to plan ahead for messy projects.
  • Please look in the cabinets first to see if we have the supplies you need. You may use the paper in the teacher’s copy room. If you need clay fired, contact one of the docent chairs, and they will coordinate.
  • Fill out the sign-out sheet on the cabinet for the supplies you take.
  • Buy materials if you need them. Let a docent chair know if costs will be more than $50. Put receipts for reimbursement in the hanging file box, under the Art Docent tab, in the PTA cabinet in the office. Please include your name, address and total amount.


Teaching the art lessons in the classroom:

  • Each lesson has a preset portfolio of related prints and teaching tools to help you.
  • Always take art materials and portfolios to the cabinets as soon as possible after class. Do not leave them with the teacher.

Collecting Work for the Art Show:

  • Keep all art made during the year so that it can be displayed at the Open House at the end of the year. Do not send the art home with the kids after they make it.   Check with the teacher about where and how the art is to be stored in the classroom.
  • Make sure each piece has first and last name of the student.
  • After the Open House, return the art to the students. Some docents make portfolios or have students make them to put all the art in.


Contributing Special Pieces for the Annual Spring Auction Fund Raiser

  • Each class should plan to create an art piece to be sold at the Spring Auction.
  • The docent chairs can help with ideas, if needed. Look at the art docent photo albums for inspiration.