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2018 Auction Art

Join us for an exciting Art Auction on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 6pm. Edison's Fundraising Gala will be held at the Alameda Ballroom. 
Our Colorful State
Ms. Korpell-Kindergarten

Brilliant Love
Ms. Geritz-1st Grade

At Home in Alameda
Ms. Chang-2nd Grade

Love Our Island
Mr. Aitkins-3rd Grade

Words to Inspire
Ms. Braze-4th Grade

Painting 1: Sierra landscape meets fantasy animals
Painting 2: Monsters and much much more
Ms. Schroeder-5th Grade

Island Waves
Ms. Soria-Kevy-Kindergarten

The Hardest Button to Button
Ms. Dodge-1st Grade

Our Neighborhood
Ms. del Rosario-2nd Grade

Celebrate California
Ms. Howell-3rd Grade

Stained Glass Window
Ms. Isola-4th Grade

My Voice, My Legacy
Ms. Flanagan-5th Grade

Coming Together
Ms. Reynado-3rd-5th Special Day Class
Tie-dyed Together
Ms. Dunn-Ruiz-Kindergarten

Fanciful Flowers
Ms. Valler-1st Grade

Lights, Camera, Alameda!
Ms. Hinds-2nd Grade

Everyone Belongs Here
Ms. Hyman-3rd Grade

Free As A Bird
Mr Lonsdale-4th/5th Grade

An Artful Room Makeover Inspired by Rain/Water
Ms. Hernandez - K-2nd Special Day Class