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2017 Auction Art

Join us for an exciting Art Auction on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 6pm. Edison's Fundraising Gala will be held at the Alameda Ballroom. 
Stronger Together
Stronger Together
Ms. Fong-Wedgwood-Kindergarten

Alameda Seas Sunset
Ms. Bains Garcha-1st Grade

Hearts of Love
Hearts of Love
Ms. Chang-2nd Grade

Ms. Korpell-3rd Grade

Tales of a 4th Grade Class
Ms. Braze-4th Grade

Mr. Lonsdale-5th Grade
Starry Night
Ms. Soria-Kevy-Kindergarten

Hands Across Alameda
Hands Across Alameda
Ms. Dodge-1st Grade

Knotty by Nature
Ms. del Rosario-2nd Grade

We Stick Together
Ms. Dunn-Ruiz-3rd Grade

Paper Succulent Garden
Ms. Ling-4th Grade

Sea Glass
Sea Glass
Ms. Flanagan-5th Grade
Ms. Valler's Aliens
Ms. Valler-Kindergarten

Secret Stones
Ms. Geritz-1st Grade

Blue Garden
Ms. Hinds-2nd Grade

Modern Beads
Ms. Howell-3rd Grade

Ms. Schroeder-4th/5th Grade

The Soul of Color
Ms. Reynado-3rd-5th Special Day Class