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2015 Auction Art

Join us for an exciting Art Auction on March 21, 2015. Edison's Fundraising Gala will be held at the Alameda Elks Lodge on Santa Clara Avenue on Saturday night. 

"Dandelions in Spring"
Mrs. Sivila - Kindergarten

"Paris Arts"
Mrs. Davidson - 1st Grade

"Edison Takes Flight"
Ms. del Rosario - 2nd Grade

"School of Fish"
Ms. Geritz - 3rd Grade

Mr. Lonsdale - 4th Grade

"Alameda: Island Images"
Mr. Aitken - 5th Grade

"Hands of the Sun"
Ms. Howell - Kindergarten

"Hoot Hoot Hooray!"
Ms. Garcha - 1st Grade

"Bridges Beyond"
Ms. Chang - 2nd Grade

"It's Our World"
Ms. Fong Wedgwood - 3rd Grade

"Flashes of Imagination"
Ms. Ling - 4th Grade

"Edison Otter Playing Cards"
Ms. Flanagan - 5th Grade

"Love Squared"
Ms. Reuter - Special Education

"Birds of a Feather, Flock Together"
Ms. Corpuz - Kindergarten

"Self Portraits and Watercolor"
Mrs. Dodge - 1st Grade

"The Chair's Alive"
Ms. Hinds - 2nd Grade

"Cafe Terrace at Night"
Mrs. Dunn-Ruiz - 3rd Grade

"Above Alameda"
Ms. Braze - 4th Grade

"Favorite Memories at Edison"*
Mrs. Schroeder - 5th Grade
*Each student did an individual piece. Above is a small sample.