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2013 Auction Art

"The Copa"
At the Alameda Ballroom, March 9, 2013
“Lepidoptera Corpuz”
Ms. Corpuz's Class (Kindergarten)

"Birds of a Feather" 
Ms. del Rosario's Class (1st grade)

Ms. del Rosario's Class--detail

“Rainbow River Rock Paper Weights
Ms. Dunn-Ruiz's Class (2nd grade)
Individual student pieces

“Rainbow River Rocks
Ms. Dunn-Ruiz's Class (2nd grade)

“A Zen State of BEing” 
Ms. Duncan's Class (4th grade)

I Know That Place!”
Mr. Aitkens' Class (5th grade)

“Reflections of Friendship” 
Ms. Reuter's Class (Special Education)

“Nature First Hand
Ms. Fong-Wedgwood's Class (Kindergarten)

“Promenade at Copacabana Beach”
Ms. Marsh's Class (1st grade)

"Birds of a Feather" and 
"Flock Together"
Ms. Ingram's Class (2nd grade)

Home Sweet Home”
Ms. Hinds' Class (2nd grade)

Kandinsky Inspired Pallet Planter”
Ms. McClish Welch's Class 
(2nd/3rd grade)

“Burnished Leaves I” 
Ms. Jones' Class #1 (3rd grade)

“Burnished Leaves II” 
Ms. Jones' Class #2 (3rd grade)

“Mosaic Flower Lamp
Ms. Schroeder's Class (5th grade)

“Cupcake Platter” 
Ms. Braze's Class (5th grade)

“Lady Copa”
Ms. Sivila's Class (Kindergarten)

“The Edison Clock - It's Auction Time!” Ms. Davidson's Class (1st grade)

Ms. Parker's Class (3rd grade)

“Suspended Sea Life”
Ms. Boese's Class (3rd grade)

Ms. Boese's Class--detail

"Birds of Wisdom"
Mr. Meader's Class (4th grade)

Mr. Meader's Class--detail

Mr. Meader's Class--close up detail