Art Docent

Edison's Art Docent program provides classroom art lessons for all Edison students, and is entirely driven by parent volunteers. Parents who would like to learn more about our Art Docent program can email the co-chairs at 



 Edison’s Art Docent Program Celebrates 30 years! 

Raise your glass to all the parents who have been advocates for and volunteered in the Art Docent program, the teachers and principals who have supported and encouraged this program, the Alameda community who has helped raise funds to buy supplies for the program, and above all, the many students who LOVE ART because they were introduced to the world’s artists and many different art materials through Edison’s Art Docent Program.

What a wonderful legacy!


Questions? Please email:



Edison Art Show
May 19, 2016

Join us at our end of year art show to see the wonderful work students have done throughout the year. 
We will have artwork from every student and all of the Art Docent lessons displayed in the Multipurpose Room during Open House.